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Our SmartSeals are NFC-enabled tags that emit a short-range radio wave that is easily scanned by modern mobile cellular devices, unlocking the ability to track the provenance of purchased consumer items, artist creations, and some of history’s most valuable artifacts.
These tags are programmed to be “smart”, allowing them to easily deliver specific information to the scanning (a similar action to Apple Pay and Google Pay) device, serving as an efficiently interactive way to ensure the authenticity, ownership, and security of purchased or traded physical items.
Smart Seal Technologies envisions a future where provenance of products is effortless. Ownership and validation of consumer products means that items can better retain their value, paving the way for a secondary market where theft and counterfeit is no longer profitable.
By pairing NFC-enabled SmartSeals with the blockchain’s NFT technology, we can pave the way for a life of verifiable security and irrevocable ownership.

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